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Security... Nowadays everyone faces the challenge of tightening it regardless of the sphere covered. Modern technologies develop quickly with new softwares appearing every day. Various hardening programs gradually become an essential part of computer software, too. Quite another thing is to choose the hardening script which will be the most appropriate for you.

Bastille Linux is considered to be one of the most popular hardening tools for Linux, HP-UX and other operating systems. What is the secret of its popularity? This software is user-friendly and interactive. Bastille can be called the best security tool for Linux beginners. Thanks to console-based screens which provide the user with a description and a multiple-choice prompt, one is able to learn more about the available security settings and decide what things are really necessary for her operating system. In other words, users can follow the whole process and even choose the settings that seem to be the most appropriate for them.

This hardening tool supports such Linux distributions as the Debian, Red Hat, Gentoo, Mandrake, SuSE and Fedora Core; and it can also be used for such operating systems as HP-UX and Full Mac OS X. Moreover, Bastille has been recommended by the Center for Internet Security's Linux Hardening Guide as one of the best hardening systems. This system can also be called an educational tool which helps users learn more about the security process and its work.

Just browse this site and find more information concerning support, training, and consulting services. Learn about various software systems and hardening tools which implement different protective measures. All these data will help you evaluate, classify and select computer systems in accordance with your preferences and needs.


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